Sprints Newly Signed Wireless Agreement with ETECSA may Prove Beneficial for Both

Published By : 03 Nov 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

On Monday, 2nd November, the company Sprint signed an agreement on wireless roaming with ETECSA, a telecommunications company of Cuba as this will be added advantage for Sprint for sending any future businesses to the nation. Sprint stated that it is the foremost U.S. wireless carrier that has signed a direct agreement with the company ETECSA.

The roaming deals will permit Sprint and Verizon’s customers for making wireless connection with ease while they are in Cuba. Any detail on the availability and cost of the roaming capability of Sprint hasn’t been announced yet. Verizon has charged $2.99 per minute and $2.05 per megabyte on voice and data respectively for a 2G network within Cuba. The other carriers will also keep similar charges on both voice and data.

On July 20, the diplomatic relations have been restored by the U.S with the communist country and the ties that were broken since 1961 due to the cold war have finally been re-established The future of Cuba with the U.S. commerce is still isn’t clear . The prohibition of commerce and trade is still seen which President Obama wants to eradicate.  The internet and telecommunications-based services are not a part of this trade embargo.

The CEO of Sprint, named Marcelo Claure, has announced this deal in Havana on behalf of the U.S. Cuba Business Council delegation.  Along with the direct roaming agreement, Sprint had forged an agreement of interconnection with ETECSA. Prior to this, Sprint has also launched the Sprint Open World that has offered unlimited text and calling, free of cost, to the Sprint customers while travelling in countries such as Mexico, Canada, and majority of the Latin American countries. Likewise, Sprint’s newly signed agreement may also be beneficial for both ETECSA and Sprint in the long run.

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