Sports Injuries, Lifestyle Diseases Employ Medical Devices for Recuperation, Physiotherapy Equipment behold Utilization for After-care Therapeutics

Published By : 16 Feb 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Physiotherapy is carried out for enhancing or restoring bodily functions, especially after a bout of a medical condition or disease. Injury, age, and alterations in environment are some of the reasons that cause a serious deviation, wherein the body functions in a deflected state from a normal state. For correction of bodily function, physiotherapists are experts who utilize specialty physiotherapy devices and a combination of techniques for the body to function normal or at least restore function to some extent. Physiotherapists are also involved in charting out plans needed for the care and management to derive maximum advantage of physiotherapy sittings.

Across the world, increasing prevalence of lifestyle diseases such as cardiopulmonary diseases has been a reason for need for physiotherapy sessions after completion of the core treatment for the disease. Other than, an ever-increasing geriatric population that is prone to falls and slips also require physiotherapy sessions for the restoration of body function in the event of an accident. Specialty physiotherapy equipment that can be used for employing physiotherapy techniques is thus required. 

Other than this, increasing sports injuries is also a reason for physiotherapy sessions needed for sportsmen for recuperation. Geographically, Europe is a traditional region for hosting some of the high-profile sporting events, thereby recording a large number of sports injuries in comparison to other regions. 

North America is the largest market for physiotherapy equipment. A large geriatric population pool and increasing prevalence of neurological and cardiopulmonary diseases are reasons for this. In this region, physiotherapy sessions are either covered under most medical insurance schemes or are reimbursable under state health claim benefits. Thus, manufacturers of physiotherapy equipment are benefitted in turn.

Physiotherapy equipment is utilizable for several applications such as musculoskeletal disorders, neurological conditions, cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, pediatrics, and others. Due to varied applications, physiotherapy equipment products are categorized as equipment and accessories. Physiotherapy equipment accessories products include orthoses and other assistive devices. Hydrotherapy, heat therapy, cryotherapy, therapeutic exercises, continuous passive motion (CPM), ultrasound, electric stimulation, and others are equipment products of physiotherapy equipment market. 

Enraf-Nonius B.V., A.Algeo Limited, DJO Global, HMS Medical Systems, EMS Physio Ltd., BTL Industries, and Dynatronics Corporations are some prominent companies that are involved in physiotherapy equipment market.

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