Special Pillow with NASA Technology Reveals Secrets to a Beauty Sleep

Published By : 11 Sep 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

It is said that, “A great day started with a goodnight sleep”. Research tells that a consistent sleep of 8–9 hours is beneficial as such a sleep boosts the immune system, manages weight loss, and also retains memory. However, in today’s world of if’s and but’s, having a sound sleep is difficult. Sleep deprivation affects mood, leading to depression, not just for adults but teenagers and children as well. Lack of proper sleep also increases the risk of heart diseases, obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. With the application of science and technology, NASA has invented a new technology that aids in treating problems of all the sleep deprived.

Astronauts Enjoyed Special Sleep in Space

As there is no gravity in space, astronauts attached their sleeping bags to their walls or ceilings and slept just to make sure they did not bump into something. Usually, they preferred to sleep in their small cabins. Their sleeping bags were specially made that had the right amount of air flow to keep the body temperatures balanced.

Originally developed to protect astronauts from temperature variations, the Simba Hybrid was invented. The surface shell was coated with a specific type of coating material known as Outlast was ample for astronauts and can be used to fall asleep faster. The pillow will also prevent from sweating and one does not need to flip it to receive a cooler end. It also allows trapped air circulation for the surface to remain cool so that the sleep movements during the night can be easily adjustable with its laser-cut foam tubes.

Sweet Sleep Pillows Having Bitter Competition

Giving a tough competition to the Forget Ambien are the Hibr, Zeeq, and Moona. While Hibr features temperature regulating foam and comes in various shapes as per consumer’s convenience. Zeeq comes with sleep sensors, and speakers. It also consists of a vibrator that can be primed to buzz gently if the person sleeping snores. Moona uses an app for adjusting its temperatures by directing water from a bedside device into a pad in the pillow. Even though these pillows are all giving a tough competition to each other, the Simba Hybrid can in many ways considered as superior and a promise that the users will nap in paradise.

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