SpaceX Successfully Tests Falcon Heavy Rocket, Ready to Launch

Published By : 25 Jan 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

SpaceX has announced the successful completion of the final test of its enormous rocket called Falcon Heavy and it is ready to be launched with a few days. The Elon Musk Company has packed Falcon Heavy with 27 engines that will power wholesomely to propel the gigantic rocket. As per the available reports, Falcon Heavy has been mounted over the LC-39A platform at the Kennedy Spce Center in NASA, Cape Canaveral. The platform is the same one that was used for the Apollo Mission that took a human to the moon for the first time.

A video the Falcon Heavy test, in which huge cloud of smoke or water vapor can be seen, was released by the company on its Twitter portal.

It must be noted that the prospected historical launch in the near future is a moment that the company has been awaiting for a number of years, with the original schedule for a launch in 2013, as the Falcon Heavy was first announced in 2011. In recent past, Elon Musk’s Company has evolved considerably, perfecting the space mission avalanches and frequently managing to land its first vertical phase after entering the orbit.

In terms of space traveling, these static type of fire tests are fairly routine and enable the measurement of the performance of rocket engines without actually propelling into the space. Elon Musk has revealed that within a week the Falcon Heavy will be on its course. SpaceX has been working on several secret missions for the U.S. government.

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