Southeast Asia Food Emulsifier Market Propelled by Demand for Convenience Foods

Published By : 13 Jan 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Food emulsifiers are additives introduced to bring about a smooth mixture of fatty and water-based ingredients in various food products. Apart from this basic function, food emulsifiers are also known to have several other benefits, including antimicrobial properties. Due to these benefits, food emulsifiers are high in demand in the modern world. Southeast Asia has not conventionally been a hotspot for the food emulsifier market, but due to rising urbanization, foods in which emulsifiers need to be used are becoming increasingly popular, due to which the Southeast Asia food emulsifier market is expanding steadily. Thailand and Malaysia are among the leaders in the Southeast Asia food emulsifier market.

Food emulsifiers are used in convenience foods, bakery products, meat products, dairy products, and others. Dairy products have a traditionally important role in the cuisine of Southeast Asian countries, but the demand for convenience and bakery foods is steadily rising in Southeast Asia. Increasingly easy availability of Western food product has led to steady demand for the same, leading to high demand for food emulsifiers. In particular, the bakery industry in Southeast Asia has prospered in recent years, leading to high demand for food emulsifiers. Among the various types of emulsifiers used in Southeast Asian countries, mono- and di-glycerides and derivatives thereof are the leading segment of the market, with lecithin holding the second largest share. In the forecast period, stearoyl lactylates and sorbitan esters are expected to rise in popularity.

The rising urbanization in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and Malaysia is responsible for the rising bakery and convenience foods industries in the region. The stringent regulations set down by the food administration entities in Singapore and other countries present a roadblock for the Southeast Asia food emulsifier market, but steady demand in its various applications segments will help the market tread a steady growth curve.

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