Sony to Start Manufacturing in India

Published By : 29 Jun 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The leading electronics manufacturer in Japan, Sony is considering to participate in “Make in India” initiative launched by the Indian Government recently. According to reports, Sony may soon open its manufacturing plant in India. 

Congratulating the latest efforts and initiatives adopted by the Indian government, spokesperson from Sony said that they are satisfied with the scope, and are ready to capitalize on the same. Sony at present is in talk about how they can contribute to the “Make in India” initiative. However, the company is yet to have a specific comment on how the prospects of opening up a manufacturing unit in India is evolving. Nevertheless, the company did reveal that survey is already underway to return to PM Modi with a positive answer. This information was shared by Kenichiro Hibi, the Managing Director of Sony India. 

When asked further about their plans, he denied to divulge any specific information regarding the potential investment on the new unit or the probable time frame. 

When he was asked whether Indians can see the project happen in the next two years, Kenichiro Hibi gave a positive reply, citing that in the span the company must be coming up with some plan. The company however, at present do not have a specific reply to the same, but they are indeed considering the prospects very seriously, added Kenichiro Hibi. 

Sony had stopped the operations in its manufacturing facility in India in 2004. Since then, the company has been importing products from Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, and China. Besides, Sony is also planning to boost its sales by 20 per cent within the ongoing fiscal year, and it expected impressive contributions from non-metro places. 

Kenichiro Hibi said that the company had registered growth in sales by 20% in the 2014-2015. This year as well Sony is expecting to register impressive growth in sales. 
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