Sony Pictures Entertainment Computer Systems Hacked

Published By : 28 Nov 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Sony Pictures Entertainment has been stuck with a massive cyber attack that blowed out the studio’s computer network the last week. People familiar with the matter stated that the company has hired Mandiant forensics unit of FireEye Inc. to investigate and clean up the matter.

U.S. FBI is also investigating the matter, stated one of the persons familiar with the matter, who were not officially permitted to speak in public about the proceedings related with the attack’s investigation.

Sony Picture Entertainment’s computer systems stopped working last Monday. The systems displayed a message “Hacked By #GOP” along with a red skull. The Los Angeles Times reported that GOP could be a short form of a phrase that stands for Guardians of Peace.

Technicians are trying to repair damages caused by the attack – mailing systems are expected to be back online by Monday, stated the source who informed about the ongoing investigations.

Executives from Sony picture Entertainment have declined to comment about the scope and extent of the cyber attack, though emails from the company’s mailing system were bouncing back with messages telling the senders of the mails to call employees as the mailing system was experiencing some disruption.

The invasion could be regarding the movie “The Interview” scheduled for release by Sony on the 25th of this December. The movie stars James Franco as a television show host. The storyline revolves around an fictionary incident in which when the television host is granted a rare permission to interview Kim, the CIA wants turn the serial’s host and producers to assassins.     

The storyline was not taken easily by the isolationist North Korean government. Country’s official news agency KCNA quoted a Foreign Ministry spokesman as saying that if the movie were released, the country will take merciless counter-measures. 
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