Sony is No More Only An Electronics Company

Published By : 19 Feb 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Recently, Sony has announced last night that it is aiming to spinning off its video and audio divisions which are spun off from its television division last year. However, it won’t mean much right now, but Sony has still shown an interesting new TV which is Android powered, and we are sure to see the new interesting high end walkmans and camcorders from Sony’s brand from the newly independent division of AV as well.

However, the long term reality is far away from this. After promising One Sony term the CEO Hirai is appearing to be systematically breaking down the organization for sale.

The Sony Vaio PC division last year was sold past year and has announced that its first hybrid laptops which are an independent organization and the CEO informed the investors to consider spinning off the business of smartphones and also possibly selling off the TV business completely.

Some of the main businesses which Sony will continue which are at its core, according to CEO Hirai were the Sony Pictures Entertainment, The PlayStation division, and the Selling Image Sensors to the company Apple for its iPhone.

However, one fact which stands out is that Sony’s last shut the held core electronics business which is image sensors and mostly because Apple company has used them for their iPhone. In addition, if the Apple firm decides to change sensor suppliers or may be create its own third leg.
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