Soli from Google can Interpret Finger Movements

Published By : 10 Jun 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The ATAP (Advanced Technologies and Projects) group from Google is a regular participant when it comes to the innovative tech project and is now presenting Soli. Soli looks like a chip, but is in fact a radar with a potential to record finger movement and interpret them to allow interaction with a connected device such as a smart watch.

This project uses radio waves of around 60 giga hertz that have the capacity to capture around 10,000 images each second and act like a radar which tracks the smallest of the hand movements or also finger snaps and converts them into action which can be scrolled via a menu or boost the volume of a device.

At present, Google is working on integrating this technology into wearable connected gadgets such as watches or they could be also managed from a distance without required the need for a touch screen, scroller, or buttons. Furthermore, this technology can allow the body to become the principal command interface for connected devices.

The team members in charge of this project’s development asserts that now it is the most precise solution that has ever been tested while being compared to everything that has been already done in this segment, for example, the motion sensing technology from Leap Motion and also the most compact technology since it is possible to integrate it with almost all devices.

Another interesting project that Google is working on is called Jacquard that is in collaboration with Levi’s. This project is aimed at developing a textile which is sensitive to touch and uses all or part of an item of clothing to interact with a connected device.
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