Solar PV Cells and PV Inverters Grow to Show Hope for Renewables Future

Published By : 24 Feb 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Photovoltaic cells convert solar energy into electricity. Although this technology was not efficient enough to create substantial power from, major developments in the past few years have allowed for the installation of large scale power plants that generate electricity purely from solar energy. The electricity generate, however, is in the form of direct current. While beneficial, this form is not applicable for direct use in power distribution systems, which use alternating current. Therefore, in order to convert this DC to AC, we use what are commonly known as inverters. Solar plants make use of specialized inverters which possess additional characteristics, such as protection from islanding of power and the tracking of the point of maximum power.

Recent Developments in the Solar Energy Industry
Enphase has recorded a loss of US$22 mn even after recording a high of 706MW microinverters in 2014. The short-lived profit made by the company in 2014 halted after it was announced that there was a loss of nearly US$15.8 mn in the fourth quarter of 2015. Most experts believe this is the cause of the energy sector’s attempts at becoming more streamlined while creating a pressure to reduce costs.

Trina Solar Limited, a solar products manufacturer from China, announced that it had recently assumed control of a solar cell factory of 200 MW in the Netherlands. This was one of the assets acquired in the deal made with Sollan Solar, the Dutch power sector company. Production by Trina will begin shortly as the company hopes the new addition will help them improve their standing in Europe and the U.S.

In other news, Panasonic has suspended the operations and production at one of their PV cell production locations for at least two quarters in 2016. The company has cited the reduction in demand for PV cells to be the main reason for shutting the operations down. However, the overall rate of growth of the solar PV cells industry is still positive, owing to multiple reasons including the growing pressure to create cleaner forms of energy production.

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