Snapchat Launches New Exciting AR Selfie Games called Snappables

Published By : 26 Apr 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Snapchat is launching its new augmented reality games called Snappables, just ahead of its last release called Lenses. Contrary to the former release, users could play around with augmented reality, the games does take up things to a different level. The games are said to be super fun, and are perfect when one needs to pass substantial time.

Snapchat Raises the Bar with its New AR Games

The games primarily use touch, motion, as well as facial expressions as key factors for carrying out their processes. Users need to compete with each other for achieving high scores, and can also literally play head-to-head multiplayer match-ups. Snappables can function as a separate entity alongside Snapchat’s other feature called Lenses. New games are expected to be released every week, and users can keep their favorite ones by marking them.

Being a distinct feature from Snapchat that helps improve collaborations between friends and other people known by the users, Snappables is expected to gain widespread recognition in future as well witness substantial progress in the quality of games. Some of the first games present inside Snappables include a bubble gum popping contest, a kiss-blowing game, a space shooter targeting asteroids, a game that involves lifting weights by straining foreheads, a dance party, and an egg-catching competition.

Compared to Snapchat’s competitors, Tribe’s multiplayer selfie video chat games are quite similar to Snappables. However, this isn’t the first time Snapchat has tried its hand at launching selfie games. In 2016, the company had tried its hand at making a Kraft Mac & Cheese game, which essentially was a holiday elf skiing game that incorporated users’ faces in its working. Games like Snappables are expected to make people achieve a different degree of collaboration, ultimately aiming towards making lively memories. However, other competitors, especially Instagram, are soon expected to come up with their own games, thereby intensifying the competition.

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