Smog-choked China Driving Adoption of Electric Vehicles

Published By : 10 Dec 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

xAir pollution has become a health hazard in China. Air pollution in the country has been linked to around 1.2 million deaths per year, according to a scientific study. Smog choking seen in urban regions of China is another serious air pollution concern that has led to governments taking some aggressive steps. In China, these urban areas are appearing hazy and often the government has asked people to refrain from stepping out of the house during heavy smogs.

To curb the pollution issue in China, the government is driving the adoption of electric vehicles aggressively. Many private companies in the China electric vehicles market are increasingly receiving financial backing from both the government and venture capitalists. In addition to this, the government in China has introduced policies that are helping consumers to adopt these vehicles.

Inquires about all-electric vehicle models have increased recently by almost a tenth. Moreover, the use of conventional petrol run and hybrid cars has been limited to alternate days. However, all-electric vehicles are free to drive on the road on any day. This has prompted a rush of inquiries from would be buyers, according to automakers and dealers.

The subsidies in the China electric vehicles market and other official measures have led driven the sales of pure-electric car and it has become five-fold. This has placed China on track to now overtake the U.S. market as the largest market for electric vehicles in 2015. Manufacturers such as Beijing Automotive Group and Tesla Motors say that they have observed an uptick in the number of potential buyers inquiring about pure electric cars in Beijing due to the air pollution issues.

According to many BYD dealerships, the smog has become so serious that many consumers are not willing to step outside their homes, and are instead calling to make the enquiry.

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