Smart Contact Lenses Developed for Diabetics: An Emerging Trend in Global Market

Published By : 04 Oct 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Recently, the University of Waterloo was in the news for developing smart contact lenses for the diabetic. These smart contact lenses observe and control the glucose levels of the diabetic and report the readings to the patients on their smartphones or other connected smart devices. As per the University of Waterloo, these contact lenses are an alternative to the traditional technique to insert a needle in the body to check the glucose levels. Neither are the contact lenses harmful nor they affect the vision of the users. 

This news motivated many manufacturers to introduce smart contact lenses for the people. By considering the success of these contact lenses for the diabetic, four other Canadian companies declared their plans to introduce new smart contact lenses. With this, the level of international competition in the global contact lenses market is expected to increase. 

Contact Lenses Continue to Register Demand in Global Eyewear Industry

Currently, the contact lenses market is one of the fastest growing markets in the global eyewear and eye care industry. With technological advancements happening every year, manufacturers of contact lenses are able to introduce new products that match to the needs of the buyers. Manufacturing customized contact lens is a rising trend in the global market. 

Cast Molding and Lathe Cutting to be Key Technologies

Lathe cutting and cast molding are two of the trends adopted by most of the manufacturers of contact lenses. Thanks to automated and advanced computer-based production technology used for the manufacture of contact lenses, manufacturers are assured of maintaining the highest level of accuracy and quality in their final products. 

Demand for Contact Lenses for Diabetic to Increase

The production of specially designed contact lenses for the diabetic is increasing in many regions owing to the increasing number of the diabetic. Many manufacturers are taking efforts to develop contact lenses for the diabetic people to help them keep a track of their glucose levels. 

Toric, multifocal, and spherical contact lenses are in demand across the globe. The demand for the soft lens and gas permeable contact lenses is expected to increase. Considering the availability of a variety of contact lenses, the global contact lenses market is expected to grow at a significant pace.

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