Sleeping Pattern can Affect the Switch from School to Office

Published By : 03 Jul 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A recent, small study performed in Japan indicates that recent college grads who are used to staying up late in the night and sleeping late can find switching from college pattern to a regular job schedule difficult. This pattern will make it difficult to function during the day.

The lead author at Edogawa University in Nagareyama, Shoichi Asaoka said that they expected these results even before the survey was carried out. Because, there exits studies which suggest that acute changes in the sleep-wake pattern can lead to daytime sleepiness and also to psychological distress.

According to the study, the changes in mental quality of life overcame that of the physical quality of life. Studies in the past have indicated that changing sleep patterns can negatively affect mental health and performance for teens and adults. Also, college students tend to stay awake late in night and later each year when they are at school.

To study the effects of what happens to student grads when they abruptly have to adjust to the office schedule, the team of researchers in Japan used an online questionnaire data from around 745 university students. The range of students was from 22 years old and 360 grads with an average age of 24 that had full time day jobs.

The questions asked were about the present sleep habits, sleep quality, employment status, quality life aspects, and symptoms of depressed mood. New grads that reported to going bed earlier, than they did a year earlier were more likely to experienced symptoms of poor sleep quality and depressed mood. However, the individuals that went to bed a year earlier as well did not show such symptoms.
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