Skydio Launches Highly Attractive and Impressive R1 Drone

Published By : 03 Apr 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Drones have taken quite literally become the kings of surveillance, both for recreational and professional purposes since past few years. And Skydio is intent on expanding their utilization even more with their recently launched R1 Drone.

Newest Drone to Rule the Skies - Expensive but Worth the Money

Skydio’s newest drone might be for a tad too high price, i.e. $2499; however, it really manages to mesmerize you with all its swanky design and high functionality. You don’t need to pilot the drone as it flies all by itself. It has 13 cameras situated on-board, out of which 12 cameras can rapidly map the surrounding environment. The drone senses obstacles all around it, including people. It can instantly realign its position and flight path according to the obstacles present on its course. Users can literally launch the drone and forget about it for a while, wherein the R1 can follow them. The drone also promises to never lose sight of their target.

With the ability to capture highly detailed images having 4K resolution, the drone is available with autonomous modes too, as it tracks users and zips around. The drone can also predict the path its user takes, thus making it orbit its users or just follow it side-by-side. Skydio has managed to input some manual controls too, wherein a mode can be selected by the user if he/she wants to predetermine the drone’s behavior. However, the company has also provided a highly efficient app-based control system, thereby simplifying it for users to manage the drone’s flight.

Apart from being highly efficient, the app is very simple to use and has numerous tracking modes. The drone can be set up for initiating flight by connecting it to it to the app with the help of a password. After going through initial instructional content, the device is ready to fly.

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