Skullcandy to Aim towards a Premium Position with Two New Headphones

Published By : 03 Sep 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

It has been many years since Skullcandy started catering to a young and hip audience, mainly as their headphones and earphones mostly sported a trendy graphics and forms. Moreover, the pricing for these devices also was kept lower than most of its competitors manufacturing devices having similar functionalities. But with an intensified competition, Skullcandy has decides to grow at a substantially premium position by introducing two new high quality and slightly expensive headphones.

More Details about the Two New Devices Introduced by Skullcandy

The company is looking forwards to increase its stakes in the competition by introducing two new models called Venue and the Crusher 360. Both models provide superb quality audio as expected from the company, coupled with highly trendy styles. The Venue model is equipped with noise cancelling, whereas the Crusher 360 would provide users with deafening bass. Initial speculations put the devices at par with the headphones qualities provided by Sony, Bose, B&O, and other popular giants. However, the devices still maintain the Beats styling.

Among the two devices, the Venue are more interesting owing to their noise cancellation feature available at only US$179, which is substantially less than the best offers provided by Bose. As per experts, the noise cancellation of the Venue is reportedly quite excellent along with the overall sound quality. Compared to the Venue, Crusher 360 provides a fantastic Sensory Bass and 360-degree audio to the users. In this way, the 360 could make customers feel the audio in such a high quality, that it might well be from a well-known home theater systems.

However, the devices come in large, flat case, which could pose portability problems. Many customers are not used to carrying such large cases, thus being a disappointment. But, as long as the device quality and sound are excellent, customers surely are not expected to mind the large packing style.

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