Skin Patches Developed by Avro to Provide Drugs to Elders and Children`

Published By : 20 Feb 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Children and elders have always shown resistance to ingest drugs in a conventional form, and a new life sciences startup aims to change this notion soon. This resistance might be due to several reasons such as inability to chew or swallow the medicines, or simply a direct negative behavior against taking drugs.

Avro to Induce Drugs and Medicines through Skin

Avro, the startup operating in this context, is coming up with a new method of providing drugs and medicines to those who cannot take the substances in a normal manner. The company is planning to do this by delivering the medicines thorough skin patches. These patches will be used for treating allergy medications, wherein the company officials intend to target seasonal allergies for children. The patches are expected to act like ones used to administer nicotine to those who are trying to quit smoking. However, a variety of drugs are expected to be delivered by using these patches, apart from even allergy medications.

According to Shakir Lakhani, the co-founder of the company who himself suffers from seasonal and food allergies, the allergy relief measures taken through the patches is mainly for children who exhibit reluctance to take their medications. Using the drugs in the form of skin patches can also help children to avoid the unpleasant tastes of few drugs ingested through the conventional way.

Avro is now focusing how to deliver the drugs in a safe and effective way. For this, they firstly need to get the patches approved by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). Only after this approval, the company can sell the drugs in United States as well as Canada. To do this, the company needs to plan appropriate human trials. According to Lakhani, the co-founder of the company, officials are planning to get such trails done until the third quarter 2018.

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