SITA’s Bagjourney to track baggage like parcels

Published By : 11 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The new technology has been evolved new BagJourney solution presented by SITA to keep a track of baggage from the departed airport to final arrival destination. The technology provides a message facility which will allows airlines and airports to track baggage even in cases of bags mishandled. 

Nick Gates, SITA’s portfolio director for baggage stated that a lot of data has been generated about baggage and they have worked hard on designing the solution to provide a value to the air transport industry.

SITA BagJourney system will follow the bag, starting from check-in at the airport to final arrival destination of the passenger even through multiple airports and airlines. The newly announced technology has made it possible to exactly treat the baggage as a parcel. 

Gates further added that the system is developed and will be delivered through API - application programming interface. This will allow the airlines and airports to incorporate the technology in their existing systems with ease. The technology will also provide services such as mobile updates which the airport and airlines may offer to passengers.

The new system is being taken ahead of IATA ruling - Resolution 753 which will make a compulsion on all airlines to keep a track on the baggage of fellow passengers latest by 2018. IATA’s head of airport operations management, Andrew Price informed that when a major airline had introduced 100% tracking of baggage of its passenger, they experienced 35% reduction in mishandling cases. Due to which the company will improve the passenger’s experience with them.
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