Siemens industry automation selected Atmel Corp's maXTouch controller for Simatic

Published By : 28 Nov 2013 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The Atmel Corp announced that Siemens industry automation selected its maXTouch controller to power the touchscreen for Siemens’ model Simatic industrial flat panel. 

Atmel’s maXTouch model called as mXT1664S meets every stringent industrial requirement. These controllers deliver high touch performance even in the most drastic industrial environments. They seamlessly also deliver the touch performance even when subjugated to vibrations, high temperatures, EMI and impact. The touchscreens on the industrial monitor are motorized by Atmel maXTouch controllers. This helps in delivering high level SNR touch performance even under the most disturbing or noisy industrial environments. 

Atmel’s maXTouch technology backs the Simatic technology with water resistance, glove on, multi-finger touch features. In addition, it also offers an advanced touch-performance including superior noise immunity, thinner sensors, multi-touch, and support for ultra-thin passive stylus. Several consumers across the world are much happier as they benefit from such robust and intuitive features as an interface on their larger touchscreens.

Siemens’ Simatic is a high-technological industrial flat panel device that delivers extreme usability in the adverse industrial conditions. Moreover, customers demand superior quality and continued performance with every industrial machine produced and obtained at Siemens industry, said the product marketing manager of Siemens Industry, Sidney McLaurin. Siemens employs Atmel’s maXTouch controllers because of their superior touch performance, high SNR, and sustainment in the most drastic industrial environments with water, constant vibrations, EMI, and dust. Siemens has built good business ties with Atmel products as Atmel connected with them and their local touch network providing sensors to touch module providers instantly. They helped the Simatic touchscreen business grow faster in the market. 

On the other hand, Rob Frizzell – the director of large touchscreen products, Atmel Corporation also shared his gratitude towards this business link up and said Siemens is an internationally massive company in the industrial automation market. Our work and efforts with Siemens simply highlights the importance of touch in today’s world. Everyone is expecting superior performance and intuitive touch interfaces in industrial, consumer, or automotive applications. Hence, we, at Atmel, are definitely committed to helping these giants bring out the most innovative touch screen technology in the market. We also look forward to collaborating with Siemens on future industrial designs, he added. 

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