Siemens Allegedly Implicated in a Bribery Controversy in China

Published By : 12 May 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The medical equipment sector in China is shaken by the alleged commercial bribery charges involving Siemens. The news of investigation conducted by the commerce and industry authorities of China came out recently. However, the parties involved in the alleged controversy are denying any such investigations that took place. 

According to a report published by Reuters on 3rd May, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in China (SAIC), which keeps a strong vigil on the prevailing competition in the Chinese markets investigated the healthcare unit and dealers of Siemens previous year, only to find if they bribed the healthcare centers and hospitals to buy the very expensive and disposable medical items and medical devices from them. 

The administration however, denied conducting any such investigation the very next day. Speaking about the confusion, a spokesperson from the regulatory body said that SAIC did not conduct any investigation on the Healthcare unit of Siemens to bust any bribery claims. The statement was published on the official website. 

Meanwhile, Siemens also clarified to, that the company was not aware of any such investigations carried out by the regulatory body or anything related to the its healthcare business in China, as described in the report published by Reuters. 

Matthias Kraemer, who is a spokesperson for Siemens from Germany, said in response to the article published by Reuters that a department of the Administration of Industry and Commerce (AIC) is supervising the marketing and business model of the Shanghai-based Laboratory Diagnostics of Siemens Healthcare. The code on the basis of which the business standards are being evaluated is universal code followed by the healthcare industries across the globe. 
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