Seven Mosquitoes Counted as Positive for West Nile Virus

Published By : 27 Jul 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

It was confirmed by health officials on Wednesday that a collection of seven mosquitoes have shown positive result for a virus in Washoe County, called as West Nile. Now the total collection of positive mosquitoes has reached eight, in the areas starting from Spanish Springs till Washoe Lake. It was observed exactly the day after when an additional of $534,835 was approved by Washoe county commission to cover the expenses of mosquito spraying in the flooded areas of Washoe. The additional funding from Washoe county commission was appreciated by the health district, as it helped them in abating mosquito, whose spread comprised of fogging and larviciding. Due to the excessive amount of insect activity, a better treatment, surveillance, and personal prevention methods were needed in those areas. 

Washoe County Takes Major Precautions against Being Bitten

There are no human cases until now, but the Washoe County Health District is trying persistently for its people to take proper steps against being bitten by West Nile Virus positive mosquito. Vector Borne Disease Prevention Program by Washoe County Health District has decided to conduct fogging in those areas where the activity of mosquito is known to be present. In mid-July, a major step was taken to prevent mosquitoes while a helicopter larvicide application occurred. On 16 and 17th August, the helicopter larviciding program is scheduled again with the advancement of preventing larva from maturing to become adult mosquitoes. Health officials have advised to take precautions to avoid mosquito bites by wearing proper cloths and by avoiding to go to outdoors in the early morning or evening. They have also recommended to use DEET, oil of eucalyptus and picaradin, which keeps away the mosquito from biting, to have tightly fitted windows and doors, and clearing standing water, which is the breeding ground for the virus.

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