Setting Up of R&D Center by Snyders-Lance

Published By : 19 Aug 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The establishment of a research and development center in 2013 has led to doubling of revenue earned by Snyder’s-Lance, Inc. in 2014. US’s second largest manufacturer of salty snacks Snyder’s-Lance, Inc. recently observed its first anniversary and has its biggest bakeries in Hanover, Pa.

New products have been introduced in Snyder-Lance, Inc’s brand portfolio which includes Cape Cod, Snyder’s of Hanover, Snack Factory and Lance.

According to a marketing official of Snyder’s-Lance, the research and development center was set up with a view to transforming the company for the better and this step has proved to be quite profitable. 

Currently, the main focus area for Snyder’s-Lance is on producing innovative and improved snacking options for the customers. In order to be in accordance with the prevailing consumer trends, Snyder’s-Lance incorporates comprehensive product and quality comparison analysis, laboratory tests and sensory appraisal at the research and development centers. 

Some of the newest products of Snyder’s-Lance belong to its core product lines and these include Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps Minis, Lance Bolds sandwich crackers, Cape Cod popcorn and Snyder’s of Hanover Sweet and Salty Pretzel Pieces. 

These products effectively meet the consumers’ demand for bite-sized and wholesome snacking options.

The establishment of the research and development center did reap high dividends for Snyder’s-Lance and presently, the company has many techniques for bringing about innovation after it acquired the capabilities of Baptista’s Bakery. 

It is also expected that new innovative products and crucial announcements will fuel the overall growth of this company in the coming year.
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