Senior executive from Tag Heuer poached by Apple

Published By : 07 Jul 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

As the launch of iWatch nears, Apple Inc. has poached another senior executive. The senior executive worked in the luxury watch brand Tag Heuer. This could help Apple in the launch of iWatch which is expected to be in autumn this year.

The luxury goods group LVMH has Tag Heuer as a part of the group. A representative from this luxury group goods group stated that its vice president for sales – Pruniaux has been with the brand for seven years, and was leaving their group to join Apple. However, the representative did not state what the new job of the senior executive entailed.

No comments on this matter have been stated by Apple. The iWatch gadget will be closest to a U.S. company selling a fashion accessory and making its foray into the personal luxury goods sector in the market.

There is a constant race between Samsung and Google to turn their computers into a wearable fashion and other must have items such as smartphones. These products are increasingly turning into commoditized items and soon starting to lose their market appeal.

Several executives have been poached by Apple from the luxury sector in the past few months. The former head of fashion brand Yves Saint Laurent, Deneve was hired by Apple to work on certain special projects. Apple has also poached ex-Chief Executive from Burbeery Angela Ahrents to work as new head of retail and online sales during the month of May.
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