Semiconductor Headquarters Opened by Samsung in U.S.

Published By : 01 Oct 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The world’s leading manufacturer of display and semiconductor solutions, Samsung electronics, has officially inaugurated the Device Solutions America headquarters in Silicon Valley. The company has set the stage for a new wave of innovation in the digital age.

The new headquarters will be located at the same place in San Jose where Samsung’s original campus was constructed over three decades ago. Samsung hopes that the new headquarters will be a symbol of Samsung’s extensive heritage in Silicon Valley, as well as be a beacon for the company’s growth and innovativeness.

The semiconductors operations initiated by Samsung Electronics have almost always be at the vanguard of electronics innovation. The new headquarters set up in the U.S. will strengthen Samsung’s efforts on research and development. The advanced technologies built for next-generation devices will be created at the new facility. It will allow Samsung to make larger contributions to the highly competitive field of electronics.

Samsung had first experienced substantial growth rates in its Device Solutions Division after arriving in Silicon Valley first in 1983 and then created many other organizations that are now scattered across the area. The new headquarters will house more than 700 employees in a manner that improves efficiency that is critical in the making of new technologies and products that are at the cutting edge of modern electronics.

The new Silicon Valley headquarters will be spaced across 1.1 million square feet and will be home to multiple research and development laboratories, LEDs and other displays, along with a sales staff backed up by marketing and support.

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