Secure Home Networks from Malwares and Ransomware

Published By : 15 Jun 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The recent WannaCry ransomware attack has done one thing right- it has resulted in people becoming more aware and concerned about security, even for their home networks. As many people are adopting smart home security devices, it has become important to secure these devices. Thus, companies selling security products are coming to the forefront. The CEO of Bullguard states that devices at home such as internet connected TV are vulnerable to attacks as they do not have any security features enabled. This is because the manufacturers of these devices are not software companies. Therefore, Bullguard has reelased a device called Dojo, which is expected to bring multi layered network security to homes. It is priced at $200.

Block Botnet Attacks with Dojo

This device plugs into the router and there is a separate gadget just like a stone, and aptly named pebble, which indicates the health of your home network by means of displaying red, yellow, or green. Dojo will require monthly subscriptions after one year. Dojo operates in cloud and can even block botnet attacks such as Mirai. If the thermostat acts suspiciously and signals danger, the company takes an action, which applies to other household networks as well, thus working on a larger scale.

Beacon for Network Safety and Blocking Malwares

On Tuesday, Eero, another home networking startup announced the device called Beacon which plugs into an outlet and pairs up with the central router. Eero promises to keep the network safe, by blocking any type of download that contains malware. Moreover, if a device is affected, it will block all outgoing traffic.

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