Scientists Suspect Moon’s Interior Could Contain Water

Published By : 27 Jul 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

It was thought by the scientists for a long period of time that the moon was a dusty and dry place. But maybe this time they need to re-write the astronomy books again. After the decades of understanding, new findings are set about our adjacent neighbor in space. An analyzed satellite data recommends that interior of the moon may be pretty wet which could have helped to make it easier to stay in the moon for a while or to fly there. Researchers of Brown University have detected the presence of water molecules in such colored areas by using a latest surface picture of the moon and also by measuring the light reflection, where the yellow and red denotes a higher water concentration. The scientists have predicted to find as much water there what was found beneath the earth’s crust.

New Evidence Reveals the Story of Water on the Moon

Scientists have assured that the deposited water they can observe in thousands of square kilometers span on the moon, are completely enormous. A further research has suggested that due to the violent eruptions in the moon, a large amount of released water molecules were trapped in its mantle and again, those molecules has become trapped after cooling of the magma. This time the moon rocks, which are mostly present at behind of the surface, have embedded with those volcanic glass beads. For this reason a large amount of water is dispersed into the deep below and entrapped within the rocky interiors. The water is suspected to serve for drinking and also could be used for rocket fuel and breathing as the water is predicted to provide hydrogen and oxygen. Scientists are thinking that the moon is still not capable to support life due to its inhospitable atmosphere for any kinds of organisms.

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