Scientists say High-carb Diet can help to lead a Long Life

Published By : 01 Jun 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

For years we have known that high-protein, low carb diets are supposed to help to maintain weight, improve muscle mass, and reduce weight. However, a contradictory study revealed recently shows that high-carb diet could actually help to increase your life expectancy.

A diet that is low in protein and high in carbs could be as good the human health to drastically reduce calories, according to a new research. This Australian study was published in Cell Reports and shows that a diet which is high in healthy carbs which include fresh fruits and vegetables along with whole grains gave similar benefits for blood sugar, insulin, and cholesterol as low as 40 per cent reduction in calories.

Furthermore, there exists considerable evidence that following a calorie restricted diet tends to boosts metabolism and help to protect against diabetes and heart related disease as a person ages.

This study compared the effect of several diets on middle aged mice. One group of these mice was given a diet of 40 per cent lesser calories than their normal intake, while another group was allowed to eat as much as they liked or ad libitum diet. For the first time, the ad libitum diet which was low in protein and high in carbs displayed the same benefits as the calorie restricted one.

According to the mouse data coupled with emerging human research it shows that including modest intakes of high quality protein along with plenty of healthy carbs in the diet will be advantageous for health as a person ages.
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