Scientific Breakthrough Increasing Efficiency of Growing Organic Apples

Published By : 17 Feb 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Apples grown in Northern Ohio soils and shaped by their weather have a better taste. However, the organic versions of these apples are not so easily available, which would benefit their local farm economy.

Apple scab is the major reason behind the lack of this. Apple scab is a fungal infection which thrives in more humid climates and the leaves of the apples get disfigured. However, most of the Apple scab infection is controlled by chemicals which do not meet standards for organic certification.

However, there is new hope to increase the production for organic apple in this region, with two of its proponents being Tim Gebhart and Don Kretschmann, PA, around 40 miles southeast of Youngstown. This farming duo appeared during the recent 2015 OEFFA sustainable food conference and stated that there were a lot of reasons to grow organic apples in this region and on a commercial farm.

Many scab-resistant varieties are available in the market; some of the favorites among Gebhart of these were Pristine, Crimpson Crisp, and Gold Rush. Each of this apple variety is resistant to apple scab and many other diseases. However, their exist hybrid varieties of apples which will be coming next year. Some of these favorite sources are are near Itaca, N.Y. and Gettysburg, PA. The farming duo stated recommends the dwarf rootstock for easier access, thus spreading their roots when planting and not allowing them to curl in their place.

More supplies are readily available. Growing organic apple needs a lot of specific requirements such as soil conditions, good drainage, serious pruning, and foliar spraying to fight the diseases and pests.
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