Schoolgirls Family Releases Clothes Appeal to Raise Cancer Funds in the UK

Published By : 16 Sep 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

In Falkirk in the U.K., the family of one girl who has a rare kind of cancer is making pleas to people. The family is making plea to people to empty their wardrobes in order to develop money for cancer research.

The girl who is nine year old, Ashlee Easton has been detected with neuroblastoma in the year 2013. Since then she has had numerous circles of chemotherapy in the stomach and bone marrow.

The parents of the girl Donald and Lisa, the act has resulted in tremendous impact on the family and on Cancer Research in the U.K., in pursuit to raise funds for research cures as well as kinder treatments for cancers that affect children.

Along with this, retailer TK Maxx is in association with the charity to collect unwanted clothing, homeware, accessories that people wish to donate, which will later be resold at Cancer Research shops in the U.K.

The campaign known as The Give Up Clothes for Good Campaign which started in 2004and in this way has released as much as GBP 20 million.

The mother of the girl commented that words do not express the tremendous impact that cancer has caused on the family. The family hopes to start feeling a sense of normal living soon.

Even though cancer in children is rare, the campaign is to help children that may be affected.

The family also commented that the family is grateful for the life-saving treatment that are available which would not be possible without the efforts of the scientists of Cancer Research UK and all the people who raised vital funds for the charity.

The family is also urging people in Scotland to support the campaign Give Up Clothes for Good, to clear up wardrobes, drawers, and cupboards. 

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