Saygus V2: The New Phone on the Block

Published By : 15 Jan 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The relatively unheard of company Saygus displayed its first smartphone to the public. The phone was unveiled at CES 2015 and has since captured the attention of carriers and consumers alike. The Saygus V2 aims to become the next super smartphone that offers US$1000 phone specifications at a fraction of the price.

Saygus, a company in Salt Lake City, Utah, which specializes in mobile design, has taken to the aspirations of Chinese phone companies to create their top of the line smartphone. The phone has already found a large fan base through its spec sheet alone. While the phone has not been released into the market yet, people are waiting with bated breath for its release.

To begin with, the phone boasts of a 5 inch Full HD borderless screen that has full sunlight visibility and a Corning Gorilla Glass 4. The processor is a 2.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon which is supported by a powerful 3GB RAM.

While these specs are nothing out of the ordinary, the rest of the sheet tells a rather mouth watering tale. The phone has an internal memory of 64GB, not all of which is accessible to the user. Apart from that, the phone holds capabilities of an unprecedented 256GB expandable storage. Its storage easily amounts to twice of the current maximum storage in the available smartphones roster.

The surprises do not stop there; the phone also boasts of a 21MP rear camera and a 13MP front camera, both of which are equipped with optical image stabilization.

The OS on the phone is a near stock Android KitKat which is upgradable to Lollipop. The phone comes with CDMA, LTE, and GSM compatibility, making it easy to release it across the globe. The phone also comes with NFC and Bluetooth, along with a 60GHz wireless mobile IR transmitter.
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