Samsung SDI to Recycle Cobalt from Old Mobile Phones for EV Battery

Published By : 12 Feb 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

While the trend of electric vehicles is engrossing worldwide audiences, it is becoming increasing important to manage the batteries that power these next generation green energy automobiles. While rigorous research and development are currently underway to detect new metals that can be used as batteries, cobalt continues to be the primary metal. Samsung SDI, which caters battery to a number of prominent automotive companies including BMW, has made a significant move by deciding to recycle cobalt from used mobile phones.

It must be noted that the Democratic Republic of Congo provides for more than half of the world’s demand for cobalt but the country has been struggling to stand on its own since a history of corruption and violence. Until the alternatives are harnessed further and their reliability can be ascertained, the electric vehicle boom will have to look for options.

An affiliate of Samsung Electronics Co., Samsung SDI has decided to buy substantial stage in a company that provides mobile battery recycling and hoping to wrap up the deal in order to ensure a supply of cobalt for a substantial period of time. This development will put the South Korea Company in head and shoulders competition with the likes of Panasonic Corp. and Volkswagen AG, which are also involved in locking sources of the metal.

However, Samsung SDI has not revealed exactly which mobile phone battery recycling company are they negotiating with, although they did mention American Manganese Inc. and Umicore SA as two of the leading recycling firms in i

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