Samsung Makes Entry into Medical Equipment Sector in Australia

Published By : 10 Sep 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Looking to enhance the quality of patient care and diagnostic solutions, Samsung has launched a health and medical equipment division in Australia. Although the tech giant has been in the business of health and technology for nearly three decades, this is the first time Samsung Australia has ventured into the medical equipment sector. Samsung Medison has had a strong history in healthcare, selling medical and health products since its establishment in 1985.

The vice president of the Samsung Electronics Enterprise Business Team, Craig Gledhill, announced that Jamie Brand would head the local health and medical equipment division, which aims to bring an array of diagnostic and imaging innovations to the health industry in Australia. 

The announcement of the medical equipment division coincided with the sales of its premium ultrasound system ‘RS80A’ across the globe. This, too, is Samsung’s first entry into the field of radiology, and hopes to carve a niche for itself by providing quicker and more accurate diagnosis with the help of superior image quality. 

The dedicated health and medical equipment division will allow facilities to not only streamline all its administrative functions but also enable smooth, easy, and secure access to patient information and medical history records. 

Samsung Australia has zeroed in on healthcare and medical equipment as a key segment to invest in as the medical equipment market has been flourishing globally and the technology company sees tremendous potential in its Australian markets. The company will be working and collaborating with several local partners such as Silver Chain from Perth.
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