Samsung Gear S2 Emerges as a Smarter Buy than the Much-awaited Apple Watch

Published By : 17 Dec 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Needless to say, the most-awaited gadget of the year is the Apple Watch. After years of research and development the company finally launched it. Despite it being an Apple watch, it does make it the best. Its biggest competitor, Samsung had something to offer as well. Samsung’s Gear S2 smartwatch as fared well in the market too, reaching the mark of being one of the best smartwatches in the industry today.

To many it may come as a surprise, however Samsung has proved its mettle with this gadget. Samsung stole the limelight from Apple with its Gear S2 smartwatch by making it simpler and intuitive to use. The best part about Gear S2 smartwatch is that it is compatible with all the Android smartphones that are operating on Android 4.4. or higher versions, whereas Apple Watch only works with none other than its own phone.

As companies are coming up with ingenious innovations with every product, the competition between the smartwatch companies has got extremely tough. Besides being a beautiful accessory and an ornament, companies are trying to make these watches an important lifestyle unit that will manage several aspects of everyday life for the users. Currently, these watches are skillfully managing the wellness, health and medical records, and sporting activity of the users. Additionally, the watches are also being designed to act as personal assistant to many.

The global smartwatch market is mainly being driven by the increasing per capita income and the growing disposable income. Furthermore, these watches are also being bought as status symbol. In the next year, the global smartwatch market, which is in its infancy will have a lot to offer. Surely, the first change that companies will make it crafting the watching with a better battery life.

Some of the other companies to look forward in the coming year are Huawei, Pebble, Moto, Microsoft, Garmin, and Fitbit. As the luxury watchmakers such as Tag Heuer are also entering this market, it will be a fascinating to see the how tough competition will offer the best products and keep the game upbeat for both, makers and users.

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