Samsung Aims to Use its Budget for M&As

Published By : 19 Feb 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Samsung Electronics Corp. Limited is aiming to use its huge billion dollar cash pile for funding the growth of the company which includes acquisitions, which is the tech giant’s investor relations main person stated, as more and more shareholders are clamoring for larger dividends.

Even though, Samsung, the South Korean company’s’ profit slumped in the year 2014 for the first time in the last three years due to its lead in smartphone was strongly challenged by Apple, the investors however cheered by a 40 per cent dividend growth and the company’s first share buyback since the year 2007.

In addition to this, Robert Yi, the head of investor relations for Samsung has signaled to the shareholders that they should not anticipate the same for the year 2015 as the organization has kept its focus on growth.

According to Robert Yi, the dividends and other types of shareholders returns are the responsibilities which the company has in place for shareholders, and hence they will be making efforts to ensure they are met. The head of investor relations also stated that however, their primary goal remains to be growth and currently that is what they are communicating with their shareholders.

He also said that they value fund manager who have bought Samsung shares in the past year since their share price and earnings declined.
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