Samsung Admits to Pop-up Ads Overdose

Published By : 12 Feb 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Samsung has made an official confirmation that their Smart TCs are excessively inserting pop-up ads into TV series and movies that are played through third-party apps. Samsung claims that the excessive pop-ups are erroneously added.

The announcement is made within a week of the company being compelled to change the privacy policy of its smart TV. The policy indicated that the TV could possibly be recording surrounding conversations and sending them to third parties. It already caused an uproar amonst consumers and critics alike.

The electronics giant said that it was currently performing a thorough investigation into finding the cause of the excessive pop-ups and has claimed that it is the company’s top priority.

A multitude of consumers who were using Samsung Start TVs took to social networking sites such as Reddit and Facebook to voice their complaints against a Pepsi ad that was silent and was forcefully flashed continuously in Plex. Plex is an app that allows users to stream videos from either a computer or other digital media sources.

A spokesperson from Plex told GigaOm that their company was not to blame for the pop-up ads.

In a similar issue, Australian users of Foxtel’s TV streaming services claimed experiencing the same ad problems after making an update of the Samsung Smarthub. The software allows users to download other apps.

One of the Foxtel users wrote on its forum that after around 15 minutes of watching live TV, the screen turns blank and a large Pepsi advert covers the screen and stops the live TV.

More and more users took to the forums to complain of the same interruptions while using Samsung’s Smart TVs. A leading Foxtel support agent responded that the pop-up was inadvertent and that the matter was being escalated immediately.
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