Safety Features of Dry Type Transformers Bestow Economic-value, Accredited Energy Agencies aid Utilization

Published By : 15 Dec 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

From its literal meaning, dry type transformer refers to non-oil transformers not immersed in oil and utilize air convection or fans for cooling purpose. Unlike liquid filled transformers that utilize fire-resistant liquid dielectric or oil for cooling the device, these devices utilize high-temperature insulation systems that are environmentally safe and are approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Canadian Standards Association Group, two of the world’s accredited agencies for quality testing and certification of sustainable energy solutions.

The design and functional features of dry type transformers are unique as well. Regarding the design part, these devices have no moving parts that are solely static solid state devices. Due to the design simplicity of these units, dry type transformers usually offer a long and trouble-free experience with minimal maintenance for a long period of time. 

The functional value of dry type transformers is notable. These devices are suitable to be used as a safe and dependable power source that do not require fire proof vaults, provision for venting of toxic gasses, and catch basins. Due to these safety features, these devices are best suited to be installed in high-rise buildings, underground tunnels, steel factories, hospitals, school, chemical plants, and places where fire safety is of paramount importance. Additionally, these units are suitable to be installed inside buildings that are in proximity to the load, wherein overall system equation is improved and secondary line loss costs are reduced. 

That dry type transformers are loaded with safety features is well recognized. In an industry move, ABB technologies, the leading electrical equipment company in the world, undertaken to provide the complete solution for the distribution substation of the European Spallation Sources (ESS) research center under construction in Lund, Sweden. ABB Technologies’ scope of supply incorporates dry-type transformers, medium-voltage switchgear, and ABB’s MicroSCADA system, together that will carry out monitoring of the facility in real time and offer assistance to operators as well.

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