Rylo Launches Its New 360 Camera for All Those Adventure Enthusiasts

Published By : 22 Mar 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Action cameras are likely the best company any adventure enthusiast or a sportsperson can have. And Rylo upholds the same notion by implementing it through its newest 360 camera gadget.

More about the Rylo’s 360 Camera

Rylo’s camera has an approximately equal footprint size as that of GoPro cameras, with 4K resolution and 360 degree capturing ability. The battery can be removed, and on a single charge, one hour of continuous video recording can be done. A micro USB port is provided for charging the batteries. With the camera’s box, a micro USB to Lightning, a micro USB to micro USB, or a USB C cable might be provided depending on which version is chosen by the user. The editing can be done by user’s mobile device, thus saving the time of carrying an additional laptop device.

The camera device is fairly solid provides ample sturdiness. The OLED screen on the device gives out info while you are shooting without causing any distractions. The company has not provided a viewfinder with the device. However, this accessory is not needed, especially when a full 360 degree image is being captured continuously.  The desired shot can be positioned after editing takes place.

Rylo provides the users with a 16 GB microSD card in the box. However, the upper limit for memory usage is 256 GB. Both power functions as well as recordings can be carried out with the help of a single button, thus keeping it minimal when it comes to external control. People can select a flat HD frame of the video to export, along with trimming the length as per need. The camera also provides users to make other adjustments such as contrast, highlights, color, and others. The camera is also provided with a built-in stabilization which helps users to record videos with god clarity, in spite of travelling on bumpy roads and carrying the camera through obstacles.

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