Russoft and Nasscom Enter into Strategic Partnership

Published By : 20 Mar 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

As of now, Russia and India are looking to move beyond their conventional areas of cooperation in order to establish joint ventures in IT hardware and software solutions for domestic usage as well as for economies in Africa and West Asia. On Monday, the Russoft Association of software developers of Russia entered into a formal cooperative partnership with Nasscom, its Indian counterpart. The India visit of Russoft delegation coincided with the visit of the deputy economy minister of Russia.

Valentin Makarov, the Russoft Association president, stated that Russoft, with its over 130 members, is very much interested in forming a joint venture with its Indian counterparts to be able to provide solutions in the areas of urban transportation, including cars and motor vehicles, unmanned airplanes, smart cities, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. “Russia and India have a lot of complementarities and, as privileged and special strategic partners, both the countries can work on joint projects in India as well as several countries in West Asia and Africa,” he added.

Currently, Russia and India are working in the areas of hydrocarbon and civil nuclear energy in Vietnam and Bangladesh, respectively. Irrespective of the political tensions of Russia with the U.S, for Russoft Association, the U.S. is a big market. Russoft also displays a strong present in Western Europe and CIS countries, with the association being a prominent player in the Netherlands.

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