Russian Hackers Stole NATO Data For Tracking Ukraine Crisis

Published By : 14 Oct 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

News has surfaced about hacking of sensitive documents related with the recent NATO summit,  held at Wales, by Russian hackers. The hackers used a flaw in Microsoft Windows that affects millions of computers, a report by a security agency stated. 

The security breach was reportedly a part of a two-year long spying campaign led by Russia, reflecting its urge to understand U.S and Europe’s response to Russia’s moves in Ukraine and other parts of the world. 

The NATO summit was held in early September and was hosted by U.K.’s Prime Minister David Cameron. It was attended by U.S. President Barack Obama. 

The hackers seemed to be in so much rush and were after so much information that they made mistakes while carrying out the hacking. Thus the campaign was uncovered by iSight Partners, the Dallas based security firm. 

The hackers attacked dozens of computers belonging to the Ukrainian government, NATO, a Polish energy company and at least one Western Europe country government. 

In some of these cases, hackers used zero-day susceptibility in Microsoft Windows, one of the most common operating systems in the world. Zero-day susceptibility refers to a flaw that is known to programmers for zero days after it is first exploited. One such flaw must have likely allowed hackers to infiltrate the otherwise secure systems, allowing them the chance to lay hands at e-mails, encryption keys for secure and sensitive documents and presentations, iSight added. 

According to a company statement published by Microsoft, it is being said that Microsoft has started its efforts to patch the flaw today. 
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