Russia to Ban Chocolate from European Union

Published By : 23 Jun 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

After Monday's expansion of EU authorizations, Russia needs to delay and extend its nourishment ban. This may incorporate blooms and chocolate, said Russian sustenance guard dog representative Aleksey Alekseenko in a meeting with 

The EU sanctions augmentation against Russia came into power on Tuesday and will stay until 31 January 2016. Russia was fast to respond to the EU choice Monday with the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev requesting his head of staff to approach President Putin for an expansion of Russian counter-endorses. 

As a vehicle center point the Netherlands trades substantial amounts of blooms and blossom items from Europe and Latin America to Russia. As indicated by traditions information, in 2014 Russia imported 14,700 tons of bloom globules, roots and other blossom items worth US$38 million. Imports of another 26,500 tons of different plants, for example, different cuttings, trees and bushes were worth US$58.3 million. 

Conveyances of cut blooms and bloom buds for bunches were considerably greater, as a year ago Russia imported 30,700 tons esteemed at US$225.4 million. Local producers have additionally requested a boycott on the import of European chocolate. 

Russian makers need to take the corner, possessed by superb EU chocolate from nations like Belgium, France and Germany, and they have capacity to do as such, as per Alekseenko. As indicated by the traditions measurements, in 2014 France sent out 5,600 tons of chocolate in different structures worth US$37.5 million. Amid the same period Belgium traded US$47.3 million value chocolate items.
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