Rumble to Spread its Wings in the American Beverage Market

Published By : 05 Aug 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Rumble, a beverage manufacturer that produces the “supershake” drink, will soon be launching and introducing its brand in America after enhancing its business all across Canada. The founders of Rumble, after observing its brand growth in the Great White North have taken a look at the market in the U.S. and have concluded that it was about time that the company began establishing its footprint beyond the border. 

This was expressed by a senior official at Rumble. The very idea for setting up Rumble was brought about by one of the co-founders at Rumble who had tried out this beverage concept in his personal kitchen. His main aim was to create a beverage with extra nutrients for keeping him energized before he underwent a lung transplant surgery in 2011. He also went about exploring shops that would offer a similar drink and fortunately there wasn’t such as shop selling such as beverage. That was when he finally decided on taking the very first step towards commercially manufacturing this drink. 

Each bottle of Rumble contains 7 to 8 mg of fiber, 20 grams of protein, and 3000 grams of the omega 3s. Moreover, the drink is essentially soy free and gluten free and is almost 100% lactose free as well. What also makes this drink nutritious is the fact that it contains the extracts of cherries, spinach, and kale. The formulation of 2:1 ratio of omega 3 to 2 has also been done by Rumble. 

Earlier, when Rumble was launched in the market, it was mostly consumed by the health conscious and athletes. However, most of the customers of Rumble today, belong to all consumer groups. In fact, this trend throws light on the fact that people these days are inclined towards foods and beverages that are convenient, tasty, easily available, and provide the necessary nutrition. 
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