Rolls-Royce’s Serenity Phantom will give you a glimpse of Japan’s garden

Published By : 17 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Rolls-Royce has always been the most proclaimed name in the automobile sector. Many other models like Triumps and MGs has provided it customers with comfort and pleasure along with an affordable cost. Models of Aston Martin has also provided with the same comforts but at a unaffordable price. However, no other brand name can outrun Rolls-Royce in terms of absolute pleasure. 

The British car-maker Rolls-Royce was looking for an inspiration to come up with the latest model and which resulted in Serenity Phantom. The Serenity Phantom is a car which has motifs of cherry blossom and silk in it. The car looks like it is the best model if you have to transport a member of the Japanese imperial family as a British royal.

According to the designers of the Serenity model of Phantom series, the car is described as an interpretation of ‘the idyllic and artistic gardens of Japan’. If you have a look from far away, the new model doesn’t look much different from the other Phantom models.

The Serenity Phantom model does not have anything extraordinary; however, the mother of pearl paint color is specially made for this model. You will find motifs of cherry blossom made on the left and rear quarter panel of the car which will provide a touch of tranquility when the driver or passenger starts with their journey. The window sills of the car are covered in smoked cherry along with bamboo wood panels which also has a laser cut flowers applied by hand with the mother of pearl color. The headliner is full of flowering cherry blossom which brings an impression of owing a private garden of Japan.
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