Rolls Royce to Produce Flying Taxi

Published By : 16 Jul 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Rolls Royce unveiled their latest project, on which the company has been working for long. The flying taxi which the company named Electric Vertical Take Off and Landing (EVTOL) is expected to carry five passengers with the help of its wings.  The vehicle is able to land on any large-enough landing spot.

The vehicle as the name suggest won’t run completely on electric, it is aided with gas turbines targeted to produce power for six propellers which is 500kW.

The concept by the British luxurious car makers is not voted as environmentally, as fuels would be required for the propellers to run and levitate the vehicle, but battery storing energy will be used once the vehicle carries people up to 500 miles at a speed of 402KPH. This vehicle is expected to change the travel duration time from hours to few minutes.

The design of the vehicle is aimed by keeping in mind the one goes through while commuting in traffic packed city. This vehicle is deliberately designed for packed cities where one takes long enough time to reach their destination. The vehicle is expected to be used for privation as well as public transportation. The company has consider the fact that the device should be flexible enough for military purposes.

The company for the moment has nothing to show except a 3D view of the concept. The company hasn’t yet revealed customers. The company is expected that the EVTOL would fly in the early 2020s. Airbus and Uber who have their partners who believe in the idea and given nodded the plan. Rolls Royce is still on the verge of looking for a partner.

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