Roche Develops Immunotherapy Drug for Treating Bladder and Lung Cancer

Published By : 28 Sep 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Recently, Roche launched an immune system strengthening drug for cancer, which has exhibited positive results after it was tried on people suffering from bladder and lung cancer. This data was released by the European Cancer Congress located in Vienna, and it also states that Roche expects that it will soon receive a regulatory approval for finally introducing this drug in the market. 

According to Roche, during the phase 2 trial of this immunotherapy drug that targets metastatic or advanced bladder cancer, has been successful in reducing the size of tumors in almost 27% of the patients who reported high and medium PD-l1 levels. It is a protein which helps in evading cancer cells from the immune system. Roche, one of the biggest manufacturers of cancer drugs in the world, has its hopes resting on the success of atezolizumab. 

The company as a result, expects that this drug will be declared its next blockbuster drug in the near future. With this, Roche will be able to compete or perhaps be at par with Bristol-Myers Squibb and Merck & Co. in the area of development of cancer immunotherapy. The company anticipates that this drug will get launched in the market by the end of next year. A senior official at Roche expressed that it will soon be submitting the results of the efficacy of this drug to global health institutions. 

In February, the Food and Drug Administration declared Roche’s atezolizumab to have won the “breakthrough therapy status” and as of now the FDA calls it the “very first bladder cancer therapy in thirty decades”. Another senior official at Roche stated that at present, chemotherapy for bladder cancer does not witness durable responses. Business analysts have stated that Roche is at a very crucial point wherein it is under the pressure to win the support of regulatory organizations and at the same time keep pace with its competitors.

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