Rival Pharma Company Offers Daraprim Alternative for Cheap

Published By : 26 Oct 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A pharmaceutical company stated that it will begin sales of its new medication at one dollar. This medicine is to be prescribed for patients afflicted by HIV/AIDS.

The drug is hailed by many as a realistic alternative to Daraprim, a similar drug sold by Turing Pharmaceuticals. The CEO of Turing, Martin Shkreli, had earned public outrage when he bought Daraprim sales rights and pumped the price from £13.50 to $750 for a single pill.

Turing Pharma’s rival, Imprimis Pharmaceuticals, have planned to create a customizable and compoundable variant of pyrimethamine and leucovorin. The variants will be available for physicians to prescribe to their patients and a cheaper alternative to Daraprim.

Daraprim is a drug that is used to cure toxoplasmosis, which is a parasitic infection that can affect AIDS and cancer patients, as well as pregnant women.

CEO of Imprimis Pharma, Mark L. Baum, said that drug prices today are completely out of control. His company believes that they may be able to control prices if they can offer compounded drugs as a cheaper alternative to multiple drugs that are generic, legacy drugs which are singularly-sourced.

He also said that they respect the right gained by Turing to change their drug pricings to a price they deem fit, but there has to be a cost-effective alternative that can be considered by patients, insurance companies, and doctors alike.

Imprimis Cares, a new program initiated by Imprimis, claims to create a number of customizable drugs. These drugs will then be prescribed to patients by doctors at affordable rates.

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