Rising Use of Syrups in Formulating Drugs for Infants to Bolster Syrups Market Worldwide

Published By : 31 Aug 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Syrup refers to a thick condiment comprising a large amount of water and sugar and are being used across diverse industries. Syrups are majorly flavored or medicated or at times it is just an accumulated juice of a particular fruit or a plant. The primary use of syrups is done is food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Syrups are added to the food to enhance the flavor and add sweetness to it. In the pharmaceutical industry, syrups are added to make the medicines taste better. 

Furthermore, syrups are primarily used to manufacture beverage syrups, soft drink concentrates, and food toppings. Some of the key types of syrups available in the syrups market across the globe are candy, toppings, maple, medicines, beverages, fruit, and others.  The emergence of new beverages in the global market is one of the key factors contributing extensively towards the growth of the overall market. Moreover, the rising number of lifestyles diseases are boosting the demand for medicines, which is indirectly fuelling the growth of the global syrups market. 

However, the syrups contain a high amount of sugar in it, which is expected to impede the growth of the global market in the coming years. In addition, the growing awareness among the population regarding the intake of high sugar and health concerns and disorders arising out of it are projected to dampen the growth of the market in the next few years. As a result, a large number of consumers are preferring natural drinks over carbonated beverages, thus restricting the growth of the global syrup market.

The growing application of syrups has attracted the participation of several players in the global market. These players are making efforts to introduce new flavors and products in order to expand their product portfolio and gain the competitive advantage in the market. Some of the leading players engaged in the syrups market across the globe are ConAgra Foods Inc., Cedarvale Maple Syrup, Hershey\'s Symphony, Sonama Syrup, Tropicana OJ, Corn Refiners Association, and Barilla Pesto. The entry of new players is expected to introduce a large number of products in the next few years. 

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