Rising Popularity of Electronics Devices and Gadgets to Fuel Demand from Global Waterproof Bags Market

Published By : 04 Apr 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Over the last few years the demand for waterproof bags has significantly increased, thanks to the rising demand for better packing solutions. The demand for waterproof bags has primarily increased from industries such as marine, electronics, packaging, and defense. A wide range of waterproof bags are at present available in the market. These bags are either made from synthetic fiber or natural fiber. They are then coated or laminated with wax, polyurethane, rubber, elastomer, or polyvinylchloride. Additionally, these bags are manufactured with vacuum so that they are sealed after air is pumped out, thus inhibiting dust, sand particle, or water from reaching the device in the bag. 

Rising Demand from Travelers Boosts Global Waterproof Bags Market

The demand for waterproof bags has been increasing at a substantial pace over the past two decades. Apart from finding applications in the aforementioned industries, the popularity of waterproof bags has also considerably risen among travelers and those who enjoy trekking. These bags efficiently serve the purpose of protecting devices, which a traveler may carry along during travel, such as laptops, cameras, and smartphones or tablets. Waterproof bags provide protection to the gadgets against dirt, dust, and water. 

Vendors operating in the market for waterproof bags will gain impetus from the rapid expansion of the market for gadgets and devices. The global waterproof bags market has been also gaining impetus from the increasing interest of people towards adventure water sports such as river rafting. Waterproof bags are not only available but are available in the market in a plethora of shapes and sizes, made from different materials, and catering to a wide range of purposes. Thereby, the availability of multiple options is one of the prime factors encouraging customers to invest on a bag as per their requirement. 

Difficulty in disposing these Bags May Hamper Market’s Growth

Waterproof bags are very light and portable due to which their popularity is growing primarily across travelers. These bags are generally made from rubber, wax, plastic, or their derivative. Since, the raw materials used to make these bags are not environment-friendly, it is difficult to dispose them. This is one of the crucial factors inhibiting the market’s growth to an extent. Nevertheless, innovation of latest designs will boost the market for waterproof bags in the forthcoming years. 

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