Rising Innovations Driving Water Purifier Market

Published By : 14 Mar 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Water is the most intrinsic of all human needs and all forms of plant and animal life depend on it for survival. Even though geographically there exist massive bodies of water all around the globe, most of it is unfit for consumption owing to high saline content or high levels of pollution. This kind of water required efficient treatment before it can be consumed. Independent researchers from different parts of the world have been striving tirelessly to achieve the kind of efficient water purification that is fit for all forms of life. 

This ongoing trend of innovation from all walks of life is what drives the water purifier market and is what will propel its growth in the coming years too. Here’s a look at some of the key innovations in the global water purifier market. 

South Korea’s Cuckoo Develops 6-Stage Filtration Water Purifier 

A household name across South Korea when it comes to rice cooker products, Cuckoo has developed a nano-positive water purifier. This six stage water filtration system promises to eliminate 99.99 per cent of bacteria and virus that contaminates water. This water purifier also removes other harmful contaminants such as heavy metals from the water and manages to preserve its mineral content at the same time. 

Chemical Engineering Prof Creates New Desalination Technology 

A chemical engineering professor at the Jersey Institute of Technology Kamalesh Sirkar has developed an innovative process called direct contact membrane distillation, which offers much promise. This distillation system seems to be highly efficient and produces around 80 liters of safe drinking water out of 100 liters of sea water. This is twice the amount produced by other desalination technologies existing today. 

Hand-held Water Purification Device for Backpackers 

Hydro Photon has come up with an innovative hand held water purification device called SteriPEN, which uses ultraviolet light to eliminate harmful microorganisms from the water. It has been found that UV light can destroy 99.99 per cent of such contaminants and this device is designed for backpackers and travelers.

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