Rising Incidence of Spinal Cord Injuries to Fuel Demand from Stem Cell Therapy Market

Published By : 11 Feb 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The number of stem cell therapies performed around the world has significantly increased subsequently boosting the market stem cell therapy and research products. Stems cells are primitive cells that are found in multi-cellular organisms. These cells are often characterized by their ability to differentiate between two mature cells and by cell renewal. 

“Unspecialized” Nature of Stem Cells allows them to Differentiate Specialized Cell Types

Experiments and research surrounding stem cells have been underway since past many decades due to their unique property of repeatedly diving and replication. Stems cells have an “unspecialized” nature, which allows them to differentiate into a plethora of specialized cell types. Due to this property stem cells have proven to be beneficial in treatment of several conditions such as cancer, brain and spinal injury, neurodegenration, cardiovascular diseases, and others. 

Moral and Ethical Issues Hinder Using Embryonic Cells for Research Purposes

Experimentation on stem cells are traditionally carried out on both adult and embryonic cells. While embryonic cells have shown the ability to differentiate between mature cells, a significant number of spiritual, ethical, and moral controversies surrounding the use of these cells for research purposes. Nevertheless, a few types of adult cells have exhibited differentiation capacity, however they are likely to be limited by nature.  

The potentials emerging from such experiments have created substantial commercial interest. These experiments also revealed potential application of stem cells in the treatment and reversal of diseases that required targeted cell therapy, tissue regeneration, and targeted pharmacological testing. Furthermore, the market for stem cell therapy also gains impetus from the rising incidence of spinal cord injuries, Huntington’s disease, and Parkinson’s diseases, in which the clinical application of stem cells can prove beneficial in halting or reversing the side effects. 

North America Exhibits Lucrative Prospects for Stem Cell Therapy Market

In 2015, North America dominated the stem cell therapy market. The favorable government regulations, coupled with increased government funding, and faster approval of stem cell therapeutics by FDA boosted the market for stem cell therapy in North America. However, in the forthcoming years, Asia Pacific is likely to emerge as a lucrative market for stem cell therapy and exhibit the fastest CAGR.

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