Rising Environmental Concerns to Promote Uptake of Aseptic Packaging

Published By : 24 Aug 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Aseptic packaging is gaining popularity in end user industries such as the pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, and dairy industries owing to their property of preserving the quality and longevity of food. The growth of the global aseptic packaging market is directly influenced by the growth of these industries. Moreover, the rising concerns for the environment have driven the demand for aseptic packaging products such as cartons which are environmentally safer than conventional packaging products made from PET and glass. The manufacturing of the aseptic packaging consumes reduced amount of resources and releases reduced amount of hazardous emissions.

Rising Concerns Regarding Added Preservatives to Cause Shift towards Aseptic Packaging in Food and Beverage Industry

In recent times, the consumer demand for food items without added preservatives has increased. The vendors in the food and beverages industry are, therefore, shifting towards aseptic packaging which ensures safety and sustained quality of food without the need for adding preservatives. 

The ready-to-eat and packaged foods are anticipated to be the leading category in the food and beverages sector in the forthcoming years. The rising global consumption of packaged and ready-to-eat food products can be attributed to changing lifestyles, especially in emerging regions. This trend is likely to propel the demand for aseptic packaging in this industry.

Asia Pacific Emerges as Leading Region

The substantial growth in the Asia Pacific region can be attributed to the rising demand from flourishing industries such as dairy, food and beverages, and pharmaceuticals. Most of the demand for the aseptic packaging in the region comes from China. The presence of a large number of domestic manufacturers that produce low-cost product varieties has helped China in holding a prominent position in the global aseptic packaging market.

The untapped market of other countries in the APAC region such as India, Thailand, Vietnam, and Pakistan will considerably enhance the growth opportunities of the overall aseptic packaging market.

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